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Retrain Your Brain

Create gratitude as your new auto responder to life and all situations. Reprogram your mind with the daily practice of being thankful and grateful. It's been proven that all it takes is 28 days to create a new habit. Use this 30 day series to go from the looping noise of upset to the space and ease of gratitude.  

Start With Surrender

We will begin with a powerful surrender process.  This includes how to surrender to your day so you don't get tangled in what's occurring. Then we will shift to how to take each day with conscious presence. This allows for consciously choosing what you want your day to be like and then celebrating how it goes, even if it doesn't look exactly as planned!

Learn The Power Of Presence

Learning to be present with what happens through out your day is key to change. The present moment is the only moment you have any power or control over. Learn to stay present in the moment without trying to control or figure out the outcome. Just being grateful for the experience as a whole. 

Reality Expanding Concepts

From there you will learn how to project gratitude at your day. There will be a series of expanding and acknowledging what you are capable of creating. This will help you to expand into new ideas and concepts for your daily life with ease. 

Make The Conscious Choice

This program is designed to walk you through making conscious choices that will help you vibrate within the frequency of gratitude. By choosing to be grateful for the simplicity of life to the frequency of magic you will be speaking loudly to the Universe. Allowing it to vibrate new experiences and possibilities into your space.

Grateful For It ALL

This program includes 30 different daily gratitude's for everything from awareness of life to being grateful for the power of choice. Focus forward on creating new pathways of possibilities by being grateful for things the Universe can easily provide. This create ripples of new thoughts and energies flowing into your life. 
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Special Message From
Jamie Bates, Founder and Creator

When I first got into consciousness work I heard a phrase that angered me beyond words, "Your point of view creates your reality your reality does not create your point of view." I was so mad. How dare someone insinuate the crap that was showing up in my life was my point of view. 

Low and beyond, years later I discovered that this statement would be a foundation to creating a new life. One I loved and enjoyed. And learning to practice gratitude was one of the keys that unlocked a new possibility for me and my life. 

You see we are frequency and vibration. The thoughts and ideas you have recycling in your mind create the way your life shows up. When you take control of your thoughts you discover life really can change. And there is so much to be grateful for each day. Start your gratitude practice today and allow your being to expand into new possibilities right away. 
It can't be that easy can it?
Here's how the COURSE Works

Get Change Just By Listening

I know your time is limited. I know you may already be trying to figure out how in the world you will make time for life change. Well guess what? Figure out no more! All you have to do is open the app, select an audio and push play. You can still do your daily activities while quietly listening to the audios and create change! No need to take a bunch of time out of your busy schedule, just pull it up and start listening! 

30 Different Gratitudes

This program includes 30 different short audios to help you get into the reality expanding concept of practicing gratitude. In order to expand into any concept you must make a habit to practice it for at least 28 days to create it as the new auto default. This program includes 30 different gratitude's to help you create a new habit with ease! 

Expansion And Energetic Change

This program also includes in each audio daily expansions and energy facilitation to help you release the old patterns of disharmony with ease. Allow this guided audio program into gratitude lead you to your greatest expression with ease. 


Nothing Ever Creates Change For Me

It may seem you have tried everything to get relief and nothing has provided you with any change. We get it and that's why this program comes with a 100 percent money back guarantee! If you make the commitment and don't get change, just let us know and we will refund your money. 

Time Is Ticking

You are here right now reading this very sentence because you are ready to take the pledge to change your life! You too are feeling the intensity of change that is moving through. It's time to change these old patterns and it's time now! There is no more time to waste looking for your solution. It's here and now! 

You've Always Been Different

I know you're different. I am too.  And I promise you that if you join me, you will find your tribe of people just like you, ready to embrace the space of different together!
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"This program has filled me to the brim with an expansive feeling of gratitude that I just can't shake! Don't get me wrong I love every moment of it. A few years ago, one of my children and I had a falling out. It's been more difficult as time has went on. Since taking this program I have found peace inside my heart that has allowed me a space to reach out to my long lost child. Since we have rekindle our relationship and it's stronger than ever. I am aware now how very powerful my thoughts really are. Thank you Jamie for this masterpiece. I can not thank you enough."
Retired Banker, Mary E. 
"I am a HUGE fan of Jamie's energy facilitation so I purchased this program as an additional facilitator. It does not disappoint. If you need a quick pick me up this program is perfect to change your mood instantaneously. I am so grateful!"
Sales Manager, Carole L.
Meet Jamie,
Consciousness Facilitator
  • Transformed her pain into massive life change.
  • Has been helping others do the same for over a decade.
  • Has created over ten life transforming programs.
  • Wrote a book in 2019. 
  • Went beyond the old patterns of emotional overwhelm to raise three daughters without the guilt and shame. 
  • Is settled, successful and FREE! 
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