The Living Matrix
Three Day Live Course with Jamie Bates. 

September 23rd-25th live in Grand Blanc Michigan USA or live stream at home!

A VIP Induction To Energy Upgrades and Facilitation To Unleash Your Creative Potential In The 5D New Earth Energies. 

The world as we know it is gone. We are shifting into the new Earth, with new concepts and new energies available. And it's a GREAT THING! 

This last year and a half has given us lots of time to evaluate where we have ended up. 

You may have been feeling the yearnings. You have been spending countless hours, healing and transforming your thoughts, ideas and belief systems. 

You now understand you are a powerful creator.... but creating....well??

Stop fighting the world you exist in currently and spend sometime and focus creating the reality you have always desired. This new Earth energy is giving us creators, us sensitive people the opportunity to step up and create! 

This last year has created major change in the way this reality functions. This is creating a grand opportunity to leave the old behind. To completely redesign your life and to choose who you will be, what you will achieve, how you will contribute to this planet and serve the new earth. 

Are you part of the new creators? If you want to experience next level must take action.

There has never been a more exciting time to jump into the energy of creation than now.... the world is waiting for you.

Jamie Bates' the living matrix will give you the universal keys to creating the life you desire to live. With energy integrations, powerful manifestation rituals, and understanding universal laws, you will discover the missing pieces you require to take your life to the next level. 

What You Will Experience During The Living Matrix

Starting two weeks before the event continuing onto to two weeks after the even get continuing support and resources.
Get support to make big powerful choices. During our time together you will get the resources you required to create massive transformation. 
Three full days of massive life transformation with connection to those ready to dive in.


  • Easily identify and destroy the old limiting beliefs that are stopping you from living your life on your terms. 
  • Get clear about how to be successful no matter what goals you desire to achieve. 
  • Create a quantum leap into the energy of the life you desire to live.
  • ​Fuel your desires to create a pathway to make it happen. 
  • Build your new life model and choose it with the deep inner knowing you WILL create this life. 


  • Learn to connect to the powerful vortex and spend time each day receiving from this powerful universal life force. 
  • ​Perform powerful rituals to release and renew your body and connect within the infiniteness of this universe. 
  • Receive energy upgrades daily with powerful energetic facilitation of being with Jamie Bates.
  • Learn new techniques that will invoke powerful awareness and inspiration. 


  • Stop feeling so separate and alone receive a deep understanding of empathic connection so you can stop separating you. 
  • ​Understand how aware you really are and lean into the awareness with complete support. 
  • Grow your awareness and expand your intuition with ease. 
  • Learn powerful techniques that will invoke a more powerful you.   


The living matrix will include people from all walks of life from all over the world. These people are truth seekers, empaths, healers, highly sensitive people, creatives, coaches, professionals, dreamers and more. All who have a deep inner knowing: I AM HERE TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THIS WORLD. Each one is ready to take action and live life on their own terms. Ready to overcome their own limitations. And unleash their potential to create their inner greatness. Find your sense of belonging and create space for you in the living matrix. 
Imagine Your New Life NOW!

More Time In The Present

Lean into creation within the moment to harness the power of creation. The time to take action is now! No more waiting around for things to happen. 

Embody Your Joy 

Ignite the joys within! Joy is your innate birthright. You are an infinite being with infinite possibilities. Step into the flow. 

Create Your Own Wealth

Embrace your power as a creator and stand within your own creation. Here is your power to accumulate your own wealth. 

Master Your Energy Of Creation

Unlock your inner knowing and align within the creation of you. You are here for something great. Now it's time to unlock your power and choose your creation!

Your Most Authentic Life Is Calling YOU!

The path to next level living is learning to create the new with massive intention and action. You must envision, embrace and embark on new paths, new ways, and new intentions. Right now we have a massive opportunity to download the new earth possibilities, imprint them within our existance and begin the path to creation. 

You've been being called into action. That inner yearning to discover your unique calling is here. It's time to claim your opportunity: who will you be, what you will achieve, how you will contribute to this planet and serve the new earth? I know you have always felt the bigness of what you came here to do. Don't let this opportunity pass you by.

Join us live in Grand Blanc Michigan or Live Stream from the comfort of your home! 
Either way, don't miss this opportunity to build your living matrix. 

Additional Course Specifics: 


Course will be live in person or live streamed: 
September 23rd- 10am-5pm*
September 24th- 10am-5pm*
September 25th- 10am-3pm
Dates with an * is approximate end time, class may run longer if we are busy with energy. 

VIPs will include all of the above plus: 

**A chance to be selected to be someone that Jamie works on during class. (only VIPs will be selected) 

***A goody bag with Conscious Empath goodies!

***VIP spots are only for those attending in person***

Course Location Information

The live course will be held at a hotel/conference center approx. 10 miles from Flint Bishop airport or one hour from Detroit International.  

The hotel is located right off 23 in Grand Blanc MI. 

The hotel is not included in the course price, but you will receive a booking link to book your hotel stay at the same place as the class, although you do not have to stay here. There are lots of additional hotels nearby.

The hotel price is approx. $120. a night.

Hotel price includes:
Complementary breakfast. 
Indoor pool. 

Cafe for lunch and dinner options for purchase. 

Close proximity to a grocery store and restaurants.

Hotel location and booking link will be provided when you buy your ticket. 

Additional Information

The live course price only pays for your admission into the live course. 

Flight, additional travel fees, hotel and food is not included.

Light snacks and beverages will be provided through out the day. 

Standard Covid Protocols will be in place through out the event and you will be notified 24 hours prior to live event if you need to be aware of any specifics. You are not required to be vaccinated to attend this event. 

If you have any additional questions about the event please email Jamie at

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