Jamie Bates Reveals How She Transformed Her Life Below!
"If your ready to stop spinning in energy drains and emotional overwhelm fast watch NOW"

Change Your Mental Programming Change Your Life!

As as HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) I understand the struggle to go beyond the mental and emotional programs that keep you locked into feeling like you have no choice or possibilities in your life. Many people struggle to go beyond these things, rightfully so! It's frustrating because you're a good person doing good in this world. 
Problem is, you can't change those old mental images or thought patterns.

 After over 10 years of my own personal research, it has been determined that there are profound ways to move through these old patterns to move from overwhelmed in old habits to thriving on new paths. 

The Empath Expansion Bundle will take you on a journey to discovering how you relate to your everyday life and how your daily interactions are keeping you looped within limitations and overwhelm. From there it will give you the insight you require to have the massive AHA moments that will change your life forever.

How does this bundle work to release you?

Begin Here

Dive into a 10 day audio journey where you will have massive AHA moments followed by intense clarity. This 10 day course brings about new thoughts, ideas and life changing expansion JUST BY LISTENING! But don't stop here.....

Listen To The Book on Audio

Start listening to The Empaths Guidebook to Consciousness and Awareness on audio read by author Jamie Bates. Allow these deep core truths to radiate throughout your being. Giving you more space just by listening. This book unlocks more possibilities giving your body permission to exist here differently. And teaches you easy to use energy processes that change the way you relate to this world. These little tweaks create ripples of differences in your daily life adding up to massive life shifts. 

Then Complete The Energy Assessment

As you work your way through the audios you will be invited to take an exclusive energy assessment. This assessment will give you more awareness of what relationships and mental programs are draining you. Giving you much needed guidance to further release you. 

Release the energy programs that will lead you to long-term success, positive relationships and a healthy overall feeling of wellbeing.

** Get Instant Access And Start Feeling Better After Just One Audio**

You will receive:

Get Instant Access

To The Course and The Book on Audio

Start listening right away! You get instant access to the 10 day course and The Empaths Guidebook on audio. As you listen you will experience a dynamic change in your thoughts and connection points to the world around you.

VIP Community

Get Access To The VIP Community

This course comes with an exclusive invite to the VIP Conscious Empath Community with additional support and guidance from like minds and of course Jamie Bates.

Energy Assessment

Get Deeper Awareness About Your Patterns

Take the energy assessment to provide you with deeper clarity about what is keeping you looping in energetic overwhelm. As you become more aware it's easier to stop perpetuating the cycles.

The Empath Expansion Bundle Includes:

  • Complete 10 day course: This life-transforming course will open your awareness and expand every area of your life.
  • Empaths Guidebook Audio Version: Get tools you can use NOW to create massive waves of change. Written and Read by Jamie Bates.
  • ​Energy Assessment: Get clear answers to why you keep looping in overwhelm.

More About Jamie Bates

Jamie is a world wide new thought consciousness leader. Her mind expanding concepts on life and living as an energetically sensitive person have helped thousands of people around the world have life altering awareness. 

Read what other people are saying...

"When I found this program I was struggling in many areas of my life. My marriage, my peace of mind, my career, and just overall discontent. These concepts I have learned have allowed me a deep sense of peace and ease. I am so grateful for these tools."
Vanessa K.

"This course blew me away!
It has helped me discover just how much of myself I've put on the back burner and how to reclaim my own inner thoughts. If you are ready to do the deep work and commit to yourself this course is a game changer. Best money I ever spent!"
Dawna L

"Recently I was able to talk about my past without being over emotional. I'd usually be sad, angry or well, insert any other undesirable emotion. Feeling the changes and realizing how far I have come in such a short time is so empowering. I am so grateful, I feel as though the words don't even describe it. If you're ready for change don't hesitate. Start today!"
Stephanie L.

Anyone Can Become A Conscious Empath
Becoming a Conscious Empath is a process that happens when you become aware of how you are relating to this world. We all want to live a life from the roller coaster of energetic drains and emotional overwhelm. This happens when you allow yourself to expand into the lightness of your own personal truth. 

How The Empath Expansion Bundle Can Help You Become A Conscious Empath.....

Gain Clarity

Conscious Empaths have clarity about three things: 
1. Who they are.
2. What they desire.
3. How they would like to be.
By understanding how you function in this world you can stay true to yourself and become the best version of you.

More Energy

Conscious Empaths experience and generate heightened and sustained levels of energy throughout their day. You can literally feel their strength as they are present, vibrant and strong with their choices.

Become Courageous

Conscious Empaths are more likely to speak up for themselves and make good decisions for their life. Their ability to define what works for them creates an expansion of new possibilities greater than ever before.
Yes, I Want to FREE Myself From The Overwhelm NOW!
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