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 Now that you have released the old patterns and programs it's time to learn an easy technique that will have you creating magic and miracles at every turn of life! 
Thousands of people have taken this program with dramatic results. 

Connect To Your Powers

As you were healing your life, you may have thought, "Once I no longer have these problems I will be happy and magical all the time!" Weird to discover that just doesn't happen isn't it? All this time you thought you were sad or depressed because of your life circumstances and maybe you were? But now? Everything has changed yet you still haven't found the constant stream of expansion and lightness. It's actually very common. The thing is you have to connect to the energies, they don't just happen. 

Learn A New Way To Be

Now that you're functioning differently you need to learn a new way to "be" here in this reality. Since your mind isn't constantly pinging in worst case scenarios you need to fill it with new ways to be. You are super powerful.  You just require tools and the processes to get you all the way into your power. Really truly embrace a new way to exist in this reality. And embrace your true power and potency as a magical being with amazing powers! 

Discover More About You

You maybe thinking I have no idea what I would like to be or create. And that's okay! You don't even need to know! You just require the willingness to try something new! This process will literally lead you to more information about who you are and what you truly desire. Plus it's super fun! And you get to be magical in the process! How exciting is that? 
Once you understand how to do this process you can do it over and over to create amazing things! 

Step Into Your Power

You are magic in motion. Isn't it time you embraced that concept completely? Stop playing small. Stop living in the wait till something shows up reality. Learn to create amazing things with just a few simple tweaks to your everyday reality. Understand that what you give energy too grows! Isn't it time you gave some energy to the magical being you be? 

Create New Experiences

As you listen to each audio you will feel yourself connecting to new spaces and places within your own inner knowing. This will create an alignment of new experiences and new ways to be in this reality. What you have been searching for is right around the corner! That inner yearning you have had but haven't quite put your finger on? Learn to receive it now and create amazing new experiences with ease. 

Be Magical

Step into your true power as a magical being and embrace the space that is available to you! You are a magical being capable of creating amazing things. Step into your magic now by learning to receive the alignment of magic and miracles. After all, you are a walking miracle. Isn't it time you learned to embrace the space you naturally be? 

Here's What Others Have Experienced

Read This Before 
Going ANY Further
Special Message From
Jamie Bates, Founder and Creator
Universal law states: Ask and You Shall Receive! I found that when you focus any amount of time asking and receiving for anything you create more of it. Again... it's universal law. 

When you spend time daily, asking and receiving for magic and miracles you find this amazing magical place exists around you! Life gets better and easier. You experience grand mindset shifts. And your body feels more relaxed in an expectation that the Universe really does have your back and miracles are on their way! There really are a million possibilities that exist in this reality. Focus some time and space on magic and miracles and allow them to show up for you! 
Here's how the course works

Get Change Just By Listening

I know your time is limited. I know you may already be trying to figure out how in the world you will make time for life change. Well guess what? Figure out no more! All you have to do is open the app, select an audio and push play. You can still do your daily activities while quietly listening to the audios and create change! No need to take a bunch of time out of your busy schedule, just pull it up and start listening! 

31 Different Energetic Receives

Get instant access to 31 different 10-15 minute audios to integrate the space of more magic and miracles! Each audio walks you through an easy to learn process to ask, receive and be the space of infinite magic and miracles. These audios includes powerful questions and energy infusions to create massive expansion and life transformation.

No More Feeling Blah

Ignite your body with new energies and possibilities just by listening. Each audio contains a magical energy integrate that will create a rush of expansion energy. These magical expansions create a lightness throughout your being creating a new magical expression of you to show up! No more feeling blah and lifeless. Now you have a process to ignite your soul with fun! 

Even if you have tried EVERYTHING ELSE!

Nothing Ever Creates Change For Me

It may seem you have tried everything to get relief and nothing has provided you with any change. We get it and that's why this program comes with a 100 percent money back guarantee! If you make the commitment and don't get change, just let us know and we will refund your money. 

Time Is Ticking

You're here right now reading this very sentence because you're ready to take the pledge to change your life! You too are feeling the intensity of change that is moving through. It's time to step into your capacities with ease! There is no more time to hide.  It's here and now! 

You Have Always Been Different

I know you're different. We are too. And we promise you that if you join us you will find the tribe of people just like you, ready to embrace the space of magic together! 
Don't Just Take MY Word For It...
See What Others Have Said About Their Experience!
"As an Empath and a nurse I find it hard to not get caught in the emotions of my day. I've spent years healing my old wounds and feel so much better. But I was still finding myself getting mixed up in the day to day sadness. This program provided me with actionable steps that I use all day long. I think the best part has been that since using these tools I feel like my patients have even had more healing and better outcomes. I'm not sure that's even possible? But inside of me it feels as though me holding the space of magic and miracles creates some kind of shift for everyone around me.  I am grateful to be the change I look for in this world."
Nurse, Kayla L. 
"This program is magical. Seriously. Magical. Receiving the space of magic and miracles is creating so much change in my life. Not only am I listening everyday for almost three months. I am sharing this program with everyone of my clients. Jamie is brilliant. The way she explains, facilitates energy and invites you to be the space of magic, everyone needs to learn this basic life skill! Could you imagine if everyone understood their magical capacities? Thank you Jamie for being such a bright light in this world. I love you."
Coach, Intuitive Healer, Tina G. 
Meet Jamie,
Consciousness Facilitator
  • Transformed her pain into massive life change.
  • ​Has been helping others for over a decade. 
  • ​Has created over 10 life changing programs.
  • ​Has helped thousands of people transform their life!
  • ​Wrote a book in 2019.
  • ​Went beyond the old patterns of emotional overwhelm to raise three daughters without guilt and shame. 
  • ​Is settled, successful and FREE!

You've healed your life.... now is the time to expand into being the magical being you truly be! 

Get Instant Access

Immediately after buying this program you will have access to the complete program. You'll get 31 different short magical audios! These audios include a magical integration and an ask and receive process that will give you the tools to use the space of magic and miracles everywhere! Plus you will receive over 100 different powerful questions you can use to add more magic and miracles to every area of your life! 

Immediately Get Results

Just imagine, you will "feel" different after just one audio! Just one! These powerful audios create a change of your energy after just one of them! Are you ready to step into your magical powers? Don't wait any longer. Just log in, push play and feel your space changing!  

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Get access to the VIP group to ask questions, share awareness and mingle with like minded people who are also on their magical consciousness journey too! Get the support you require to step into your magical capacities with ease!  
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