The Secret To Having All Of Life Flow 
With Joy And Ease!
the Secrets of having THE LIFE YOU
and more! Uncover an easy to use process to ask and always receive to create your life with ease! 
Thousands of people have taken this program to master the art of asking and always receiving!

It's Universal Law

Ask and You Shall Receive! It's Universal law! There's been books and movies written about it's power. All about how you really can have anything you desire if you can maintain the space of it. That's the hard part. And really what stops most people from building their deepest desires. They give up as they haven't mastered a way to actually create it. 

The Secrets In The Receive

In order to manifest or create anything there is a certain level of receiving you have to be capable of doing. If you are broke, becoming a millionaire isn't something that happens overnight unless you are capable of being the space of a millionaire. Once you can completely receive the space of something you can manifest it with ease!

Start With The Basics

Many of us know we desire for our life to be different. We want more money, more time and more freedom. But mostly we want to be free from the constant noise of defeat in our head. That's why this program starts out asking for the basics. It teaches you the foundation of asking and receiving and takes you on a 30 day journey to discovering what would create your greatest freedom! 

Receive New Possibilities

As you begin this course you are guided through a process of asking and receiving for new possibilities, joy, ease and alignment of who you be. It's not necessary that you know any of what would bring you these things. It's the process of asking the universe, allowing the energy to be received and feeling the energy that creates new awareness and new possibilities greater than ever before! 

Feel The Space Of It

As you go through this course you will find yourself feeling different in your body. This occurs for everyone, as you have never received in this capacity. Plus, you've more than likely never asked for things like new possibilities or alignment of who you be. So as these energies are integrated you will feel more space and lightness of you than ever before. 

Have HUGE Awareness

As you listen through this course you will start having HUGE awareness about new things you can do and create for your life. It's only natural as you align your energy more and more with who you be by receiving frequencies for you from the universe with ease! 

Here's What Others Have Experienced

Read This Before 
Going ANY Further
Special Message From
Jamie Bates, Founder and Creator

You are unique and so is your frequency. This program walks you through a way to ask the Universe a question and receive the frequency answer for you and your unique vibration. The more you ask and receive the more space you become of this unique energy.

This process has been used over and over to discover desires, create new experiences and dramatically change peoples lives. 

You don't have to know what you desire to take this course. If you do than great you can use this process to create. If you do not, this process will get you clear about you and what it is you truly desire by asking, receiving and allowing awareness. This powerful process will create more for you. I guarantee it! 
It can't be that easy can it?
Here's how the COURSE Works

Get Change Just By Listening

I know your time is limited. I know you may already be trying to figure out how in the world you will make time for life change. Well guess what? Figure out no more! All you have to do is open the app, select an audio and push play. You can still do your daily activities while quietly listening to the audios and create change! No need to take a bunch of time out of your busy schedule, just pull it up and start listening! 

30 Daily Audios

This ask and receive program includes 30 audios designed to listen to one daily. Each day includes an energetic journey of asking and receiving! Open your mind to new thoughts, ideas and examples of how asking and receiving can create new experiences, new life creations, new relationships and more! 

Over 100 Expansive Questions 

This program includes different ask and receive question sheets you can print, cut and put around your home to get into the daily habit of stopping, asking and receiving instead of our old habits of concluding and trying to figure everything out! 


Stop Looping And Start Asking

You know you want life to be different so learn to be different. Getting out of your head and stop trying to figure everything out! Learn to stop, ask and receive, easily change your life by receiving new possibilities! 

Go Outside Of What "You Know"

If you knew the answers you wouldn't be here searching for something to help you. Learn to ask from your unique frequency and receive from you as well. This will uncover more space of you and give you the answers you seek with ease. 

Receive and Receive Some More

Learning to be a receiver is the gift that keeps right on giving! Ask and receive for everything! Peace, ease, friends, money, things and more! Nothing is off limits! You will be amazed at how things just show up once you learn to receive. 

Nothing Ever Creates Change For Me

It may seem you have tried everything to get relief and nothing has provided you with any change. We get it and that's why this program comes with a 100 percent money back guarantee! If you make the commitment and don't get change, just let us know and we will refund your money. 

Time Is Ticking

You are here right now reading this very sentence because you are ready to take the pledge to change your life! You too are feeling the intensity of change that is moving through. It's time to change these old patterns and it's time now! There is no more time to waste looking for your solution. It's here and now! 

You've Always Been Different

I know you're different. I am too.  And I promise you that if you join me, you will find your tribe of people just like you, ready to embrace the space of different together!  

Don't Just Take my Word For It...
See What Others Have Said About Their Experience!
"Since taking this program I have found a new love, a new job and a new apartment in a new city! Learning to ask, receive and follow my awareness has been so amazing. I can't even describe the lightness I now feel inside of my body. It's definitely a new way to be in this world."
~Robyn D. 
"My mom bought me this program for my birthday. I waited months to listen. I'm not sure why cause it's the Seriously. It's such a simple concept. I have printed the sheets and have the questions posted all over my house. My head is so quiet. My body is so relaxed. My life is so peaceful. And I'm just over here floating on a cloud of possibilities."
~Nicole T.
Meet Jamie,
Consciousness Facilitator
  • Transformed her pain into massive life change.
  • Has been helping others do the same for over a decade.
  • Has created over ten life transforming programs.
  • Wrote a book in 2019. 
  • Went beyond the old patterns of emotional overwhelm to raise three daughters without the guilt and shame. 
  • Is settled, successful and FREE! 
Live in the ask and receive

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