Jamie Bates Reveals The Secrets
Discover How To Heal Your Past So You Can Avoid Feeling So Alone, Hurt And Drained.

The Secrets to Stop The Pain Of Just Existing Are HERE!

Why Has Life Always Been So Hard? 

You've been through the ringer of hard life experiences. It seems it's always something that's confirming the difficulties all around you. People are mean. Life never works out. Why does life have to be so difficult? 

It seems you're constantly misunderstood.

It seems as though you're so different and separate from everyone else in this world. You are the black sheep. It's like no one understands the words coming out of your mouth. You feel like you're not from this world and you want to go back to where ever it is you came from. Why does no one get you? 

You're "too sensitive."

You're always being labeled "too sensitive" or "too emotional." No one takes into consideration how you feel. It's like you're always the problem. It feels like no one really takes the time to really understand you or your feelings. You feel so confused... What's wrong with me?

Nothing. Nothing Is Wrong With You....

You are different and beautiful and aware. Only this reality hasn't taught you how to be the space of you. You aren't from here. You came here with an important mission. Now is the time to release all these old paradigms and set yourself free. 

You Are Intuitively Aware of Everyone and Everything.

As as Empath and or HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) I understand the struggle. I too used to struggle with the same things, rightfully so! This reality has taught us all wrong. In fact, it's programmed us empaths and HSP to use our own awareness against ourselves! Locking up our abilities to create massive change and transformation in this world. 

After over 10 years of my own personal research, it has been determined that there are easy profound truths that when uncovered change the way you relate to the world. Once you uncover this new space life just becomes different, easier and way more magical than you can imagine!

The Empath Expansion Bundle will take you on an awakening journey to discovering your inner truth, release your pain, and stop your suffering now! From there it will give you the insight you require to have the massive AHA moments that will change your life forever.

Heal Your Past

Release yourself from the pain of your past just by listening! This bundle includes energy exercises, energy clearings and energy healings, that will CHANGE YOUR ENERGY and create a change in the way you feel about your past! Get profound energetic change that produces extreme results. 

Stop Feeling Alone

You are not alone. Join the tribe of seekers just like you and discover why you have felt so alone. This key will unlock deep inner wisdom, giving you a new found freedom to be you! You are a gift to this world. Once you unlock this truth the feeling of being alone disappears forever. 

Gain Control Of Your Emotions 

Stop cycling in emotional overwhelm. The constant cycle of anger, rage, regret and guilt can keep you looping feeling sad and hopeless. As an empath, you are susceptible to extreme emotional cycles. Learn to gain control of your emotions to set this cycle free. 

Freedom From Energy Overwhelm

As you listen through this program it will assist you in releasing old energy systems that are keeping you looping in energy overwhelm. It's not your fault you're overwhelmed. Your system is just overwhelmed with information. This program will take you through a process to release this now! 

How does this bundle work?

Begin Here

Dive into a 10 day audio journey where you will have massive AHA moments followed by intense clarity. This 10 day course brings about new thoughts, ideas and life changing expansion JUST BY LISTENING! But don't stop here.....

Listen To The Book on Audio

Start listening to The Empaths Guidebook to Consciousness and Awareness on audio read by author Jamie Bates. Allow these deep core truths to radiate throughout your being. Giving you more space just by listening. This book unlocks more possibilities giving your body permission to exist here differently. And teaches you easy to use energy processes that change the way you relate to this world. These little tweaks create ripples of differences in your daily life adding up to massive life shifts. 

Complete The Energy Assessment

As you work your way through the audios you will be invited to take an exclusive energy assessment. This assessment will give you more awareness of what relationships and old mental programs that are draining you. Giving you much needed guidance to further release you. 

Discover a way to be in this world that will lead you to long-term happiness, positive relationships and the emotional freedom you have been seeking!

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Get Instant Access

To The Course and The Book on Audio

Start listening right away! You get instant access to the 10 day course and The Empaths Guidebook on audio. As you listen you will experience a dynamic change in your thoughts and connection points to the world around you.

VIP Community

Get Access To The VIP Community

This course comes with an exclusive invite to the VIP Conscious Empath Community with additional support and guidance from like minds and of course Jamie Bates.

Energy Assessment

Get Deeper Awareness About Your Patterns

Take the energy assessment to provide you with deeper clarity about what is keeping you looping in energetic overwhelm. As you become more aware it's easier to stop perpetuating the cycles.

The Empath Expansion Bundle Includes:

  • Complete 10 day course: This life-transforming course will open your awareness to why life feels so painful and start transforming that pain right away!
  • Empaths Guidebook Audio Version: Get the guidance NOW to HEAL your past and transform your thoughts just by listening. Written and Read by Jamie Bates.
  • ​Energy Assessment: Get clear answers to why you keep replaying the past so you don't have to anymore! Clarity is key to set your life free!

More About Jamie Bates

Jamie is a world wide new energy facilitator and consciousness leader. Her mind expanding concepts on life and living as an energetically sensitive person have helped thousands of people around the world have life altering awareness and massive life change. Jamie has perfected the energy facilitation creating change for people just by listening to her work on audio. 

Read what other people are saying...

"When I found this program I was struggling in many areas of my life. My marriage, my peace of mind, my career, and just overall discontent. These concepts I have learned have allowed me a deep sense of peace and ease. I am so grateful for these tools."
Vanessa K.

"This course blew me away!
It has helped me discover just how much of myself I've put on the back burner and how to reclaim my own inner thoughts. If you are ready to do the deep work and commit to yourself this course is a game changer. Best money I ever spent!"
Dawna L

"Recently I was able to talk about my past without being over emotional. I'd usually be sad, angry or well, insert any other undesirable emotion. Feeling the changes and realizing how far I have come in such a short time is so empowering. I am so grateful, I feel as though the words don't even describe it. If you're ready for change don't hesitate. Start today!"
Stephanie L.

Anyone can heal their life. It's not too late for you!
Healing is a process that occurs when you uncover yourself from the old energies that have been overwhelming your system. Often people say to me, "I'm 75 years old. It's too late for me. I've been struggling my whole life." It's never too late, you're not too old or too broken or too far gone. The Conscious Empath Tools have been helping people heal their life for over a decade. These processes have helped the old, the sick and tired, the broken, anyone really desiring for life to change. It's not too late for you! 

Get the Tools NOW!

Gain Emotional Freedom

Stop cycling in the pain and anguish of the past. There is nothing new for you there. This cycle seems to be the hardest to break with the Conscious Empath Bundle all you have to do is log in and listen. 

Change The Way You Feel About Life

Conscious Empaths experience a deep and profound happiness they weren't even sure was possible for their life. Have you ever considered you could be truly happy? Isn't it time you began the search? 

Heal Your Relationships

While you practice the Conscious Empath tools an amazing thing occurs! Your relationships change! Where you once had strained relationships of old heart break you will find yourself, settled and feeling different about everyone and everything.
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