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I Want to PERSONALLY Invite You To A Course Unlike Anything You Have EVER taken! This Course Will Include Frequencies, Meditations,  Energy Infusions And An Entire Clearing Call Library To Transform Your Energy NOW!
 There Has Never Been A More Powerful Time To Shift And Transform Your Energy Systems As There Is NOW! Get This Powerful Course Packed Full of Audios To Transform Your Energy Just By Listening!

Get Relief

No more running from the inner noise you can't seem to shake. This program is designed with multiple levels of energy integrations that will create multiple levels of frequency shifts which automatically creates change. Stop cycling in energies that keep you hiding from the world.

Generate Energy

This course will create a heightened and sustained level of frequency. You will feel the new space as it moves through your body generating a massive upswing in generative energies. These new energy upgrades will infuse your system with new found energy.

Gain Clarity

As your energy changes you will become more and more aware of what has been holding you back. Awareness will become available allowing you to easily uncover the old patterns and belief systems that have been holding you back. 

Find Confidence

You are naturally confident in your abilities to create your desires in this world. As you move through this course you will receive a heightened sense of confidence that this Universe is here to conspire with you. 

Improve Your Mood

As you listen to this course much of the old connection points will dissolve, releasing you from old paradigms of upset and overwhelm, giving you new space to feel happy and joyful within.

Create Stability

As your energy system changes you will generate a greater sense of stability in your body. This sense of stability will help you move through any new situations with ease.  This change will create ripples of transformation within your life. 

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Jamie Bates, Founder and Creator
This course is a combination of over a decade of personal one on one work with individuals learning to process through and manage their own energy systems. 

For most of my life I have been assisting others with energy healing, massage and messages of awakening. I have discovered there is fundamental information and energy each person requires to truly transform their energy system. Once the energy is changed, life transformation is easy! 

This program is a combination of personal research and energy facilitation to create massive energy shifts. I look forward to hearing what this course creates for you. 
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Get Instant Access

Immediately after buying this program you will begin your seven week journey. Each week for seven weeks a new module in the chakra course and the bonus clearing program will unlock giving you access to that weeks content. Each week focuses on a different chakra giving you time and space to change the energy found within. 

Immediately Get Results

Each week includes a frequency based guided chakra meditation to help immediately create space within your body for dynamic change. Coupled with consciousness clearings, expanded consciousness stories and energy facilitation. You will be "feeling" different in no time. 

Stay Connected And Inspired

Get access to the VIP group to ask questions, share awareness and mingle with like minded people who are also on their consciousness journey too! Get the support you require to make lasting, powerful change. 

Get the support you require to release these old storage spaces that will lead to long-term success, nurturing relationships, and healthy overall wellbeing.


Make the conscious choice to create transformation in your life. If you are done living the same old pains and upsets now is the time to transform your energy system. 


Sign up! This course will include step by step instructions on how to use this course to create the most powerful transformation for you. Once your in the rest is history!


Spend just a few short hours each week listening to the coursework and you will find that your life will begin to transform!
Chakra transformation made easy!
Imagine Clearing The Gunk Of Your Energy Storage Spaces To Transform Your Life!
  • Change Your Energy, Change Your Life: This course will take you on a inner journey just by listening.
  • Everything Is Frequency And Vibration: Allow these powerful vibrations to move through and align you with your unique vibration.
  • Get The Support You Require: Stop doing it alone. Statistics prove that people who do things within a group create change faster and easier. 
  • Stop Creating From Old Stagnant Energies: Like attracts like. In order for life to change you must change the energy.
  • ​Learn Powerful Processes To Keep Your Energy High: Once you learn these powerful energy secrets life will never be the same. 
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See What Others Have Said About Their Experience!
"This course has added a layer of strength I wasn't sure was possible for me. While doing this work I became aware of some old energies I have always felt but couldn't put words too? If that makes any sense. Once I finally "heard" the phrases I was able to use Jamie's method to actually lean into them and clear them for good. It's remarkable how much easier I am moving through life now. It's like I'm experiencing life "brand new."
Katie C. Physical Therapist
"I was apprehensive at first not knowing if this would actually change anything for me but can I just say that I'm in shock and awe. This is the first course I have ever taken with Jamie. This course brought me to inner awareness I never even knew existed. It wasn't difficult at all. It was like I just followed along on this fantastic journey to finding the real me. The meditations, the frequencies, the ease I have found. Remarkable."
Amy Q. Creative Genius
Meet Jamie,
Consciousness Facilitator
  • Transformed her pain into massive life change.
  • ​Has been helping others for over a decade. 
  • ​Has created over 10 life changing programs.
  • ​Has helped thousands of people transform their life!
  • ​Wrote a book in 2019.
  • ​Went beyond the old patterns of emotional overwhelm to raise three daughters without guilt and shame. 
  • ​Is settled, successful and FREE!

Release The Old Energy Stored Within Your Energy Systems And Set Yourself Free! 

Complete Chakra Course

Course includes seven weeks of guided information. Each week will unlock a new module with new videos, audios, clearing calls and a specific chakra meditation.

Step-by-Step Guidance

This course will include step by step instructions on how to complete the course work plus extra guidance from Jamie. 

VIP community

Get exclusive access to VIP group where you can ask questions, post awareness, and get support from the like minded community. 
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