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Easily Step Into Your Intuition So You Never Have To Worry or Stress About Another Decision Again! 
Thousands of people have taken this program with DRAMATIC results! 

Stop Feeling Anxious

Anxiety comes from the creation of worry about scenarios that may or may not be created. These scenes play out in your head creating pathways to experiences you more than likely do NOT want to create. Stop using your powerful brain to create things you do not desire! This process will end the overactive mind and create a powerful connection to your own intuition. 

End Decision Fatigue

It is said that the average person makes around 1000 decisions per day. For someone who is stuck in the loop of anxiety and worry, these decisions can stack up creating an abundance of decisions to be made. Overwhelming your system making even simple choices hard. This proven process will take you through a defined method to make quick and easy choices that will start to instantly free you from decision fatigue.

Never Feel Guilty AGAIN!

Break up with guilt by understanding the fundamentals of what creates guilt. This program walks you through breaking down the cycle and moving confidently through obstacles without storing guilt in the future.  Once you experience how free and strong confident choices feel in your body, you will know how to never bind yourself back into those old spaces of guilt again.

Make Confident Decisions

This process breaks down exactly how to make firm, confident decisions for your life. That once understood will make everything better and easier. When you make strong confident decisions you will be AMAZED at how much better and easier life becomes! 

Life Shows Up Differently

Once you have stopped engaging in worry, anxiety and guilt an amazing thing happens! Life just starts showing up differently! When you are confident and aware of what you want from life you start vibrating differently invoking new people, experiences and a new way of life! 

Create Your Deepest Desires

As you make your way through this program you will learn how to choose what it is you deeply desire and how to choose it in such a way it has no other choice but to materialize! As you end your battle with indecision you will fill the space with firm, confident choices that will align you with the life you truly do desire! 

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Going ANY Further
Message from Jamie Bates,
Jamie Bates, Founder and Creator
I developed this process after years of working one on one with hundreds of clients struggling to make decisions in their life. I realized that so many people didn't understand was how to connect and check in with their own inner guidance system. 
So many people are constantly checking in with others to see what they should do or choose. Worrying about if what they are doing or choosing is "right or correct." This creates so much inner chaos and overwhelm not to mention takes up all our precious time here! Use your ever so powerful brain to make quick decisions. Use this powerful process to move your life forward and create far greater than you ever imagined possible! Isn't time you discovered what you truly desire for your life? 

It Can't Be That Easy Can It? 

Here's How The Course Works

Create Change Just By Listening

I know your time is limited. I know you may already be trying to figure out how in the world you will make time for life change. Well guess what? Figure out no more! All you have to do is open the app, select an audio and push play. You can still do your daily activities while quietly listening to the audios. No need to take a bunch of time out of your busy schedule, just pull it up and start listening! These audios will provide you with energetic shifts in perspective and energy changes creating dramatic change.

21 Audios Of Reality Shifting Concepts and Exercises

These audios contain different energies, mental exercises, consciousness clearings and confidence building skills that will create massive life change! No more spinning in worry, fear, anxiety or indecision. Just forward motion in confidence and ease as you make decisions from your own inner knowing. Giving you space and allowance to follow your own inner guidance system.

Leave Worry In The Dust

This program also teaches you how to stop worrying about what your family will think. Or how your choices might upset your dear old auntie Sue. The reality is your family loves you dearly and really does want the best for you. Once you step into the confident you, you will find that your family will celebrate your successes with you. Break the cycle of feeling like a disappointment and create your dreams already! 

Even If You Have No Idea What You Want To Do Or Choose......

You Feel Indecisive Even About This! What If It Doesn't Help?

I am so confident this program will help you end your indecision and become victorious in your own truth. That if you are not satisfied with this program I will personally refund every penny you spent. What do you have to loose? 

Time Is Ticking

You are here right now reading this very sentence because you are ready to take the pledge to change your life! You too are feeling the intensity of change that is moving through. It's time to change these old patterns and it's time now! There is no more time to waste looking for your solution. It's here and now! 

You Have Always Been Different

I know you're different. I am too. And I promise you that if you join me you will find your tribe of people just like you, ready to embrace the space of different together! Let's do this together. You are not alone!

Don't Just Take my Word For It...
See What Others Have Said About Their Experience!
"When I was a teenager I relied heavily on my family, mostly my mom and aunt to help me make decisions. As I have grown into a career women I realized that even in my late thirties I was still calling my mom and aunt for everything. It was causing all kinds of issues because they didn't always agree and would be mad at me if I didn't do what they suggested. I knew I had to do something different fast. This program not only helped me stop asking them for advice, it helped me be strong in my own inner voice. I feel more confident than ever before! "
Online Marketing Agent, Stacy R. 
"I never imagined I would function so differently after this program. My husband of 28 years is wondering what happened to me. I kid with him that I now finally know what I want to eat! All joking aside, this program has taught me how to have boundaries and uphold them with ease. Thank you Jamie. Even us old dogs can learn new tricks!"
Retired, Anne P.
Join Jamie,
Consciousness Facilitator
  • Transformed her own life with these very tools.
  • Has helped thousands of people transform theirs. 
  • Has created over 10 life changing programs since 2012.
  • Published her first book in 2019.
  • Went beyond the old patterns of emotional overwhelm to raise three daughters without the guilt and shame. 
  • Is settled, successful and FREE! 
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