Step Into Your Magical Capacities And Become A Reiki Practitioner
Taught By Reiki Master Jamie Bates
Ashley Holzapfel,
"I was blown away by these Reiki courses! I had received Reiki many times and was skeptical about getting virtually attuned. During the attunement portion of the course, I could feel the Reiki pulsing through my body and I knew this was the real deal! It was a crazy feeling. Immediately, I started practicing on myself, but quickly realized everyone needs to feel this! I took the Reiki Two course and went to town. I am forever grateful I am able to provide healing life force to my clients. They rave how calm and relaxed they feel after a session. I am now offering it distantly all over the world."
What is REIKI?
Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy. The term comes from the Japanese words "rei" meaning universal and "ki" which means vital life force energy. Reiki is an abundant energy that comes from universal life force and is NOT associated with any specific religion or nationality. 

Reiki has been used for over 100 years around the world as an aid in balancing the energy in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body. Bringing balance to these systems helps to bring the body to hemostasis allowing disease and disorders to change. 

Reiki was first brought to Japan in the early 1900s when a man named Mikao Usui received the first energy Reiki attunement after a 21 day fast. He then used the Reiki energy to heal the pain of himself and those around him with ease. 

You can receive Reiki as a hands on treatment using the life force energy by someone who has previously been attuned to Reiki or you can receive a Reiki attunement and practice Reiki for yourself. 

How Does REIKI work?
Reiki is an intelligent energy that can be delivered by a Reiki practitioner to a patient. A Reiki practitioner is one who has received a Reiki practitioner attunement and has been given the rights to also practice Reiki on others. The Reiki practitioner is only a conduit for delivering the Reiki energy. It does not come from the practitioner. The energy flows from the Reiki practitioner to the patients body. Reiki is an intuitive energy and once delivered into the patients body, goes to where the patient requires the energy. 

A typical Reiki treatment can last anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour. During a Reiki treatment a patient lies on a massage table, fully clothed. The Reiki practitioner gentles places their hands over different areas of the body allowing the Reiki energy to flow naturally into the patients body. The length of time a practitioner spends at each location varies based on how the energy flows. There should be no pressure or manipulation when receiving a Reiki treatment. 

The patient can experience the energy as sensations such as heat, tingling, swirling or pulsing where the practitioners hands are placed. Sometimes the patient may feel the energy in a different area of the body. Other times they may feel nothing at all. Most people feel a sense of calm, peace and relaxation. Many fall asleep during a Reiki treatment. 

Anyone can become a Reiki practitioner and practice Reiki self healing right away. Reiki energy is turned on when someone receives a Reiki attunement. Similar to a radio station once someone is attuned to Reiki, reiki energy flows from the crown chakra, through the body and out the hands. 

What Are The Benefits Of Receiving REIKI?
People use Reiki for relaxation, stress reduction, symptom relief and for overall improvement of health and wellbeing. A typical Reiki treatment may do the following: 
  • Bring About A Peaceful Deep Sense Of Relaxation.
  • Dissolve Energy Blockages Creating New Space For Healing And Transformation. 
  • Release Muscle Tension.
  • ​Detoxify The Body. 
  • ​Help To Relieve Pain On All Levels. 
  • ​Support Your Overall Well-Being. 
  • ​Supply Universal Life Force Energy To The Body. 
  • ​Stimulate The Bodies Immune System To Create Greater Healing. 
  • ​Dissolve Pain. 
  • ​Increase The Body's Natural Ability To Heal Itself. 

What Are The Benefits Of Becoming A REIKI Practitioner?
Becoming a Reiki practitioner is a very scared and intimate journey into discovering your innate abilities for self healing. When you decide to become a Reiki practitioner, you are allowing yourself a gift that continues to work miracles in your life for the remainder of your life. 

Here at The Conscious Empath, Jamie Bates offers a Reiki One or Reiki Two Course. These courses must be taken in concession, meaning you must first take and receive your Reiki one attunement before moving on to receive your Reiki two attunement. 

When you become a Reiki practitioner you always have pure positive life force energy available to you to use as you see fit. Reiki is a very intuitive energy that assists you in ways that are unimaginable. Some of the most common things people experience are: 
  • Release Of Old Energy Attachments. 
  • ​Energetic Upgrade To The Body Systems. 
  • ​Expands Your Intuition And Inner Knowing.
  • ​Clearing Up Of Old Ancestral Bloodline Baggage.
  • ​Overall Self Support For Emotional Well-Being. 
  • ​Never Ending Supply Universal Life Force Energy To The Body. 
  • ​Dissolve Pain Yourself With Ease. 
  • ​Increase The Body's Natural Ability To Heal Itself. 

Become A Reiki Self Healer 

Receiving Your Reiki One Attunement

Make The Choice

There is nothing in particular that you require to become a Reiki practitioner except the desire to be one. Many people feel called to do Reiki with no rhyme or reason, just the inner calling. Once you feel lead to Reiki all you have to do is take the course and get attuned. There is nothing more you require to connect to this powerful healing method. Once attuned the energy is intelligent and does all the "work" for you. You are just a conduit for Reiki energy.

Learn The Basics Of Reiki

When you begin the Reiki one course you will learn all about Reiki and how you can use this powerful energy to create massive transformation in your own life. These universal basics have been used for over a century now to help people overcome obstacles, promote self healing and create amazing things for themselves. Reiki is a powerful resource to always have available to you. 

Receive Your Attunement

Your Reiki one attunement is available within the course as Reiki knows no time or space. Reiki is an intuitive energy that can be gifted whenever you are ready to receive. Once you receive your Reiki one attunement you will become a certified Reiki self healer. Practitioner rights come after you receive your Reiki two attunement. 

Start Right Away

You will receive immediate access to the Reiki course, which means in as little as just a few hours you can be a certified Reiki healer! 
You can immediately start using Reiki energy on yourself. Many find that they feel the Reiki flowing in their very first guided self healing session. Guided self healing session included.

Feel Immediate Change

After you receive your first Reiki attunement many people "feel" changed. A reiki attunement, tunes your body to the universal life force frequency. From now on you have unlimited access to Reiki energy and it flows through your body always! Many people find that their Reiki energy flows often on its own whenever their body feels stressed or anxious giving them immediate access to a self help option not available before. 

Claim Your Birthright 

Reiki is pure, positive life force, that already exists within everything in this reality. It is energy already within you. When you receive your Reiki attunement, you become a channel for this life force. Claiming your birthright to access more life force whenever you require it. This is an intelligent universe that desires for you to thrive. Claim your birthright to access this energy whenever you require it.

Become A Reiki Practitioner

Receiving Your Reiki Two Attunement

Learn To Help Others With Reiki

After you have completed your Reiki one 21 days of self healing you are ready to help others with the power of Reiki! You can learn Reiki two anytime after you have done your Reiki one attunement. It is recommended you wait 21 days and practice on yourself to fully understand Reiki capacities and allow your own flow to grow. 
Once you are comfortable with Reiki you can make the choice to know help others with Reiki as well. 

Learn The Sacred Symbols

As you work through this complete Reiki course you will learn the sacred symbols. These symbols can be used anywhere at anytime to super charge anything with universal life force energy. 
You can also use the symbols to protect your home, your possessions, your past, your future and situations you would like to contribute energy too. 

Become A Reiki Practitioner

Once you have received your Reiki two attunement you are forever known as a Reiki practitioner. You are free to start using Reiki on others to promote healing and over all well-being. The best part about learning Reiki is you don't have to "know" anything! All you have to do is connect to your Reiki flow, follow along with the recommended Reiki hand positioning and let the Reiki do the rest! 

Help Those You Love

Practice your Reiki energy on those you love and watch how this energy helps them! The most amazing thing about Reiki is you can use it on others and create dramatic change without you having to "do" anything except allow this energy to flow through you. You will find you are easily able to help your struggling loved ones with pain, anxiety, emotional well-being and more! 

Start A Reiki Practice

If you feel so inclined you now have the full rights to start your own Reiki practice. You are free to start practicing Reiki in healing centers, at healing fairs and or in church. Where ever you would like to help others promote overall well being and self healing. You are also able to send Reiki distantly! You can now do Reiki on others right from the comfort of your home. 

Use Reiki Everywhere

You will find your Reiki will flow whenever it's required. Reiki is an intelligent energy and can not be used for harm. You can send Reiki to anyone for any reason. If someone doesn't want the Reiki energy or the healing their bodies will naturally repeal it. You will more than likely find most people will lovingly accept your Reiki energy gift and you will feel the sense of making a difference in this world you have been longing for. 

If You're Ready To Dive In Head First Get Both Courses NOW!

If you're ready to be a Reiki Healer get access to both courses for an additional discount. 
Please note when buying both courses at the same time: Reiki one opens immediately and Reiki two opens 21 days later to give you time to assimilate the Reiki energies. 

"I took Reiki one only just a few months ago and was floored at how very relaxed I have been since! The Reiki flow is very strong and turns on a lot during my day. At first I was confused with what to do with all this energy but now it's like it had created this space of ease around my body. I love it. Taking Reiki two soon!"
Melissa P.
"I have taken both Reiki courses online and I must admit I wasn't sure how this would work. But let me tell you what! My Reiki is off the charts strong! I have recently started practicing Reiki on strangers and I am blown away at how I intuitively know where to put my hands. I would have never thought I was this intuitive but my Reiki hands, they know where to go and what to do on their own!"
Kelli K.
"I recently took the Reiki two course after I was previously attuned in person from a local Reiki master and I was floored at how strong the attunement was! I have been Reiki Two attuned for almost two years now and never really connected to my Reiki flow. I gave this course a try to see if it would give me new insight and man it's like I connected on a whole different level! Jamie is a brilliant intuitive and you can feel the love come through her courses. I am so glad I decided to give it another try."
Lori H. 
Reiki FAQs

Can REIKI Replace Traditional Methods Of Medical Or Therapeutic Treatments or advice?
No Reiki can not be used as a substitution for medical or therapeutic treatments or advice. But Reiki is a great add on support service for any disease or disorder. Reiki helps to support the bodies natural healing process. Reiki is only pure, positive life force energy and can do no harm to the body.  

What Conditions Can Be Treated With REIKI?
Reiki is not specific to any disease or disorder. Reiki works on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual connection balancing out the energy systems. Because it is universal life force energy it maybe successful in helping to assist all types of healing. Everything tends to respond to Reiki including animals and even plants. Reiki seems to assist and support all types of healing.

What does the bible say about REIKI?
Reiki is a form of universal life force energy. Hands on healing is a form of healing used in the bible. 

Is REIKI associated with a religion?
No Reiki is not associated with any religion. Reiki is an attunement done through the crown chakra to attune you to universal life force flow. It is not associated with any type of religion or belief system. 

Can I benefit from Reiki if I am in good health? 
Absolutely! Reiki done regularly will help to increase your ability to respond to stressful situations and keep your systems in balance. Reiki is a great way to maintain your well-being and happiness. 

What Are You Waiting For? 

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