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Dramatically Increase Your Ability to Receive.
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Join me for a dynamic 30 day journey to asking, pulling and receiving money that will expand your life in new and unexpected ways!
This program has assisted thousands of people to slow down, get present with all possibilities, and RECEIVE.... From cash, gift cards, free gifts, bill credits, unexpected checks in the mail, free rent, phone bills and so much more! This program includes 30 different audios, designed to listen to every day for 30 days, that will:

Create A Mental Shift

There is something super magical that happens when you spend time everyday in expansion receiving from everyone and everything. During this 30 day adventure you not only will get an energy expansion you will also receive mind expanding awareness that will shift your way of thinking. This opens you up to new ideas and new possibilities. 

Be More Allowance

Through this process you will keep your barriers down and start receiving from everyone and everything. This creates more allowance for your body and for all the bodies you're around! You will find yourself being more patient and just all around more kind and caring with everyone, even yourself! 

Learn To Stay In Receiving

You are a being. You have a body. Your body is a receiving organism. It's always receiving information. Your eyes see, your ears hear, your nose smells, your mouth tastes your skin absorbs. At some point we as a species started making receiving wrong. Even though it's literally what we were created to do! This series teaches you how to stay in receiving mode and receive from everyone and everything. 

Expand Into Possibilities

There are a million ways the Universe could gift you with more money, more resources and more ease. Stop deciding you have to figure out how you're going to create everything you desire. Allow yourself to receive some new possibilities! Who knows what could happen? Money could just fall from the sky? Could you receive it? 

Let People Gift You

Have you ever gifted someone with something they really required? Do you remember how good that felt to be able to just give? What if there was someone right now who would love to gift you with what you require? Let people pay you, let people gift you, allow the universe to always have your back with possibilities. 

Lean Into Abundance

You having money doesn't mean anything about you! Use these audios to clear out the old toxic viewpoints you have about having money and have some already! Stop buying into the lie of scarcity. There is enough money in this world for everyone to be a millionaire 10 times over. Why are you limiting what you can receive?

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Special Message From
Jamie Bates, Founder and Creator
Universal law states: Ask and You Shall Receive! I found that when you focus any amount of time asking and receiving for anything you create more of it. Again... it's universal law. 

For some reason we have been programmed with this idea that asking for money is bad and wrong. And that is absolutely not true! There is an abundance of money in this world. You having more of it does not deplete someone else's supply. You having more means you can make a bigger impact on this world. People who have money and easily receive money can create more change and possibilities for others. How would you impact the world with more money than you could spend? Let's find out together!
There Is An Abundance Of Resources In This World!
isn't it time you received?

It's Not Just About Money

This program is all about opening up your ability to receive from others and this universe. It's about understanding our natural ability to gift and receive that creates abundance in this world. There is an abundance of life, joy, ease and possibilities available to you. These audios take you through a process of receiving and gifting that will change the way you think, act and create in this world dramatically. 

Gifting Others Is FUN

Have you ever experienced the pure joy of gifting someone with something they desired? It lite you up with joy because you fulfilled their desire. We get so caught up in this idea that we have to provide everything for ourselves forgetting that sometimes we just need to ask for something and someone somewhere will be happy to fulfill that desire! In fact us receiving from them may contribute to them just as much as it does to us! 

This Is An Abundant World

There is an abundance of money available in this world. In fact there are billions of dollars unaccounted for every year. Just imagine if thousands of us empathic people became millionaires! Think of the change and possibilities we could create if we had enough money to contribute to causes we were passionate about. When you function in the space of wealth its much easier to contribute to others and create more for everyone you love. 
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See What Others Have Said About Their Experience!
"This program has given me time to be present with myself in a new a different way. It's been such a contribution to connect to the ease and flow of life and Universal support. It's a space I never knew was a possible before taking this course. This program allows you to take time for yourself daily, center, get clear, breathe, expand your space and become so much more aware of what is possible."
Mary M.
"After just a few days I received an unexpected check in the mail for hundreds of dollars.  Then my husbands car registration came in and instead of hundreds of dollars it was only $9.00 this year? I will take it! Since starting this course my body feels more relaxed and I am noticing I just feel overall lighter and more clear headed. And I have this sense that something amazing is getting ready to happen. I am so excited to see what I create next! Thank you for this program it's soul refreshing!"
Kelly A. 
Meet Jamie,
Consciousness Facilitator
  • Transformed her pain into massive life change.
  • ​Has been helping others for over a decade. 
  • ​Has created over 10 life changing programs.
  • ​Has helped thousands of people transform their life!
  • ​Wrote a book in 2019.
  • ​Went beyond the old patterns of emotional overwhelm to raise three daughters without guilt and shame. 
  • ​Is settled, successful and FREE!

The secret to living a conscious and aware life lies within your ability to receive all of life with ease! This program will provide you with the insight and energy to receive more than you can imagine with ease! 

Get Change Just By Listening

These audios will do all the work for you! All you have to do is open the app, select an audio and push play. These audios will take you on a short journey in expansion, gifting and receiving that will shift and transform your thoughts, your energy and your life!

30 Different Energy Pulls

Get instant access to 30 different 10-15 minute audios to gift you with more than you ever imagined possible! Each audio walks you through an easy to learn process of expanding, pulling, receiving and sending gratitude. This process creates an amazing energy surge throughout your being. Leaving you super charged and feeling supported by the universe.

Immediately Get Results

Just imagine, you will 'feel' different after just one audio! Just one! These powerful audios will create a change of your energy after just one of them! Are you ready to receive more than you ever have before? Don't wait any longer. Just log in, push play and feel your space changing!

Love It Guarantee

We are so confident this program will expand you into receiving that if you don't love it, we will refund your purchase price! If you make the commitment now and you aren't feeling it. Just let us know and we will gladly refund your money. 

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Get access to the VIP group to ask questions, share awareness and mingle with like minded people who are also on their consciousness journey too! Get the support you require to make lasting, powerful change. 

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We know you're different. We are too! And we promise that if you join us you will find the tribe of people just like you, ready to embrace the space of magic together!


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