Discover The Secrets To Releasing The Past And Transforming Your Thoughts About The Future Without Sacrificing Yourself Or Your Own Energy. 
WARNING! These Tools Will Change The Way You Function In Life. 
Proceed Only If You Are Ready For Massive Transformation. 
"These amazing techniques have assisted me in  busting through my mindset and money challenges, creating my own healing business, and starting my own podcast! These tools have helped me be the best me I can be!"
Jennifer McKinney,

Stop Feeling Drained

Life has been hard my empath friend. You're so aware of everyone and everything. Always perceiving other peoples needs. Showing up and doing what you think is required has gotten you into more trouble than it's worth. You are a giver. It's time to learn to give in a way that doesn't drain your energy and make you feel bad about yourself and your life.

Heal Your Past

Your inner child is ready to be seen, heard and allowed. No more stuffing her needs to feel validated. It's time to dive in, listen to what she has to say and allow her to be expressed in a way that releases the old paradigms of pain so she can heal and be integrated back into the space of you. Heal. You are worthy.

Understand The Importance Of Boundaries and How To Say NO

As you move through the tools you will learn to create your own boundaries within the limits of what works for you. Once you understand how different choices, people and circumstances effect your energy system, it's easy to say no to the things that create energy drains. No more sacrificing your energy to appease others.

Easily Identify And Release Limiting Beliefs

As you practice the conscious empath tools you uncover more awareness of what thoughts, ideas and old beliefs are keeping you creating crap in your life. Once you have awareness of the patterns, you can use the tools to shift the thoughts out of your space for good! 

Enjoy More Happiness

As your energy changes, the heavy dense vibrations move from your core. This allows for a lightness of your true being to move in. This creates new vibrations of joy, peace and ease to move through your space. Allowing you to enjoy life on a deeper level than you have ever experienced before. 

Earn More Money

It's a proven fact that happy, joyful people earn more money than those who are not. As you shift, change and heal your life, you will find that new, better opportunities will be presented for you to live a more abundant life than ever before! 
Create A Massive Quantum Leap In Your Reality
You are here to make a difference in this world. I know it. You know it. We all are aware of it. So, why are you spending anymore of your time and space not getting the life you actually desire? 

Hi, I am Jamie Bates, Creator of The Conscious Empath system. 
Today I would like to invite you to experiencing for yourself the power and effectiveness of these tools. 
In just a few short days of listening and allowing these powerful energy upgrades you will feel your energy shifting and experience life transformation with ease. 
As an Empath and HSP myself I understand the struggles you may face, as I too have struggled. Today I invite you to put your struggles away and join me for a free five day energy transformation where you will experience the power of living The Conscious Empath way of life.

"I have been using the conscious empath tools for over a year now. I've stopped making things wrong and have been able to approach life with so much more ease. I've been able to free myself from so many limiting mindsets and step into me. Actually landing a job making more than I have ever made and now choosing things I have never chose. Now stepping into my life's purpose as a addiction life coach."
Vanessa Keeton, Addiction Recovery Specialist
"The conscious empath tools are the most unique set of tools I’ve engaged in. I’ve not only learned and utilize these tools in my everyday life, they’re priceless in my therapy practice. These tools helped me raise the ceiling on my life beyond what I thought was possible. I can walk into situations with people with more awareness and shape my possibilities in a creative process daily. I uphold these tools in my therapy sessions and love to watch magic and expansion unfold with all of my own amazing clients. These tools are pure magic."
Janie Brynolf, Licensed Clinical Therapist
"Since knowing Jamie I have become more energetically in alignment with my true self thanks to completing several of her programs and receiving 1:1 coaching. Through this process I have grown so much and learned more of what it means to live in consciousness. With each interaction and program I always walk away with tremendous and deep awareness. Jamie has the capability to reach in, sense exactly what I need, and bring it to light. It also lead me to seek her out as a mentor and complete her consciousness facilitator program to increase my energetic capabilities as a coach. I am forever grateful that we are in each other's orbit.."
Elisha Gray, Certified Life Coach And Consciousness Facilitator

Get Clear About Who You Are

Because we are so energetically sensitive we often fall prey to being personalities we are not. In fact we can live most of our life being someone we aren't! When you're caught in an energy personality you are not you can feel lost, sad, depressed and even completely disconnected from this world.

Align With Your Desires

As you discover who you really are you find a strength and a power developing within your core. This strength is really the true space of you. Once you are aligned within who you be, you easily fall in alignment of your desires! No more feeling lost or unsure. Certainty about who you are creates an alignment of your desires with ease! 

Become The Success You Have Always Dreamed

You have always felt the difference you be at your core. You may have always known success was not only possible for you, but that some day you would live that successful life you desired! Well wait no more! Align within the space of you and
make powerful choices to be the frequency of your successful self.

Help Those You Love

Once you have become a conscious empath you live life in a completely new space. You have empathy and understanding way greater than ever before. As you live these tools you will find you will easily help those you love also transform their life and live in alignment just by being you! 

Step Into Your Greater Purpose

Deeply understanding who you are, how you function and how to best care for your wellbeing will lead you to living your greatest purpose. What ever your being desires is possible once you have awakened to your true space. 

Be The Space This Planet Requires Just By Being YOU

You were created uniquely, beautifully you because your frequency was required here. Now that you have stopped identifying with energies that aren't you, you get to fully show up. Being the frequency of you is magnificent! Easily creating what you uniquely came here to create. 
"When I first found the conscious empath tools, I was in a transitional space in my life. Working to understand where I fit in with the world after making a life change from a full time business owner to being home full time with my family. I needed a way to let go of the past connections so I could move forward with a new space full of love and acceptance of myself and others. These tools did that and more, life changing to say the least. It was like lifting years of self doubt from my shoulders, allowing new possibilities into my space. Very soon after implementing the things I had learned, my life felt lighter and my decisions felt like my own. It was like stepping into a space of ‘me’ that I had been searching for my entire life. "
Ginger Sorensen, Positive Psychology Coach
"It has been such a pleasure working with Jamie the past few years. I functioned all my life feeling like an outsider in this world. I didn't fit in and there was something wrong with me. I felt like I was too weird for anyone to accept. Jamie taught me tools I could easily use everyday to get out of internalizing everyone and everything. She showed me the way to stand in my own power and know what I know. My time with Jamie has been life-changing. I highly recommend her to anyone feeling like they don't have a place in this world, because your light and your voice are necessary here."
Clara Higbee, Consciousness Facilitator
"It's surreal how aware Jamie's stuff makes you of your ability to 'choose' after feeling an emotion, instead of autoresponding to it. When I find myself thrown into unexpected emotional pain today, instead of letting the emotions ruin my day, I've learned to focus on the choice that will create the outcome I desire. It helps you stay focused on what you want to 'choose' to create at all times, so you make much more progress."
Josh Valentine, Soap Opera Sequence Expert
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  • Have You Responding To Life In A New Way: Most of your daily responses are a product of old energy patterns. When you change the energy you get to choose a new way to respond!
  • Feeling Lighter Inside Your Body: As you release and unwind the old toxic viewpoints your body will feel the lightness of your true being moving through! 
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