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If you Are Ready To:
Stop Over Thinking
Over Processing
Trying To Figure Everything Out
This Course Is For YOU!
Just imagine how much easier your life could be if you always just "felt" what you should do or choose? 
When someone calls you and asks About something, imagine what it would be like to instantly "know" without over thinking, over processing or over imagining every detail! 
Just imagine if you weren't overloaded each day with 8 million different decisions and all you had to do was allow yourself to always just "know" the answer!
That Is Possible right NOW!
  •  You can always know! Use this process to always be able to "feel" your truth.
  •  You can stop over thinking! Stop using your powerful brain to figure out everything and use it to create anything!
  •  You can stop "trying to figure everything out!" When you stop over processing everything life becomes so much easier plus you aren't constantly invoking more chaos in your life.
This Program Guides You How To Live Within Your Own Truth. And How to Make Decisions for you!
Stop spinning in indecision and old guilt patterns from old choices. Learn to make quick decisions from your own inner awareness that is there to guide you to your lightness. We are all born with a strong inner knowing and as we grow up we get tangled in other peoples crap causing us to spin out of control with worry and indecision. Reconnect with your own powerful intuition and learn how to make quick and easy desicions without the guilt and overwhelm of trying to figure it all out and do the "right" thing. 
KNOW what you want to choose and ALLOW yourself to choose it.
  Choose Your New Dream Job Without "Knowing" What That Is.
 Consciously Choose Your New Lover.
 Live Your Dream Life By Consciously Choosing Your New Path.

All this without having to "figure out" anything!

"...after only ONE week the universe has presented multiple possibilities!"
Only one week after diving into the ending the IDK material. I started crying a beautiful joyful cry... because after only ONE week the universe has presented multiple possibilities to move forward with each and everyone of my goals!
No more fear that if I don't choose something presented to me, that I might regret it. This is the most FREE I have ever felt in my ENTIRE life! Grateful is an understatement Jamie, thank you for sharing your gifts!
Ginger S. 
"...finding my truth has been such a freeing process"
When I found this program I was so overwhelmed with life. Being a mom, a nurse, a wife, and the main decision maker was literally making me crazy. This program has taught me how to make fast decisions based on how things feel and that alone has saved me from the emotional combustion I used to function in. I honestly was surprised at how much easier everything became when I wasn't always stressed out about choices! This program has opened me up to a brand new way to be me and live in ease. 
Amber B. 
"...realizing I didn't have to figure out all my problems was a game changer"
I'm a thinker. I drive it into the ground. I make myself wrong and crazy. Realizing I can clear my judgements and reactions and have space and ease instead of torment over something that happened years ago. And I don't have to go down the same path over and over. I am becoming free! Realizing I don't have to figure everything out has been a game changer! I am aware I am becoming so much more powerful. These tools are life changing!
Elizabeth L. 
Join me for a dynamic process to help you get clear and choose what you desire! This process will teach you step by step how to make choices and stay out of overwhelm with ease!
 Once you have learned this process you can use it over and over to get everything you desire out of life! Its a simple method that creates dynamic results! 
Are You ready to know?
End The I Don't Know
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Much love,
Jamie Bates
P.S. We will also be doing some active manifestation exercises to really call in the energy of your desires. So prepare yourself for some magic actualization! Are You Ready?
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